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Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno

Joined Jan 26 2012
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Eagle Mountain Utah
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Reply Riley Brown
1:15 AM on June 2, 2014 
Hey Nick, I know its still out a ways but do you by chance have a schedule of what day and times of the different activities for the summer party? I probably wont be there all 4 days and I would like at least be at the auction and the show.
Reply Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno
8:19 AM on May 22, 2014 
Hello my friends

immediately upon release, one Bird  hit the concrete and will never return,

someone must have switched kits, because I did not recognize this kit, they only scored seven points, and they were scattered in all directions, I received a 1.2 quality and 1.2 depth.
Reply spinning demons
10:40 AM on March 24, 2014 
Greetings Nick,
I will be deleting the fly reports tab and just post the reports I get on the competition forum tab. That way the newest will always be first.

Have a great day,

David Curneal
Reply Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno
9:59 PM on March 23, 2014 
Good day Gentilmen is there any chance someone could post another color chart also for birds that represent standard roller colors ? That would be very helpful.
I would like a simplistic standard color chart in roller pigeons for Jr members, new members and those interested in learning basic colors before moving on two all the colors, modifiers, found in pigeons.
Reply Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno
8:48 PM on March 17, 2014 
March 1, 2014

Judge: Nick (Let E'm Rip) Moreno
Scribe: Brenden Lavery

1. Cody Taylor
I like that the kit went high and worked its way back down, they all are working great togther and will improve with time. D=1.1 Q=1.1 total 18.15

2. Steve Turner
During Steve's fly it was extemily windy and there was the appearance of a hawk but despite all that his kit did good. D=1.1 Q=1.2 total 27.72

3. Kyle Mcaurther
Kyle's birds went to high for judging and one landed early but they were kiting and all were spinning just to high.
D 1.2 Q 1.2 total 30.24

4. Gavin Anderson
High winds the kit flew well considering weather conditions. D 1.1 Q 1.1 total 18.15

5 . Kyle McAuther
There was 2 birds down at 5m 35s left on the clock.

6. TJ Cook
2 birds were out at the 18 minute mark and stayed out until 5 minutes left, there was a breeze as well. D 1.1 Q 1.1 total 12.1

Flyers friends and family that attended:
Bob, James and Ally Johnson
Steves grandsob Caleb ( caleb has some good looking Drecksels)
Cody's wife Jackie
Gavins wife Candice
Brenden Lavery
Eddie Bruno
Sophie the pig
Taco the parrot

And a special thanks to the hands that feed us Jackie and Candice for the amazing meal that was served

Coal contry a fun place for any judge.

Nick (Let M Rip) Moreno
Reply Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno
8:30 PM on March 17, 2014 
Coal countries 2nd spring fly results 2014
Judge Nick Moreno :Scribe Riley Jensen
1. Cody Taylor, 15 birds flew for 12 min 1 bird landed at 6 min 22 seconds way to windy to fly. Total score 5
2. Kyle Mcaurther, 16 birds flew for 20 min 2 birds landed early at 11
minutes 22 seconds, heavy wind gusts total score 44.64.
3. Gavin Anderson, 15 birds flew for 20 min very, very windy total score 11.
4. Kenny Defa, 17 birds flew 17 minutes windy as heck, total score 25.35
5. Kenny Defa, flew 11 birds flew for 0 minutes birds were scared of
something and all sorts of wind,
6. TJ Cook, 18 birds flew 13 minutes way to windy to fly, birds landed early. total score 18
We had a great time ,
Special thanks to the gang for supplying a great
lunch, and Thank TACO for being nice today.
Reply Riley Brown
8:27 AM on March 5, 2014 
It was good to meet and visit with you to. I had fun there and met a lot of good people. If you dont mind, will you send me a contact number were I can get a hold of you, I have a few things I would like to talk to you about.
Reply Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno
1:58 AM on March 5, 2014 
Corporate IFA has made contact with Kyle McArthur
as to let us know we have our 10% Discount for poultry feed at all IFA stores and a bigger discount if you buy 5 or more bags at a time.
Reply Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno
9:40 AM on January 15, 2014 
Winter flying, I use there fly time as an indicator,

However I still add water soluble vitamins,

I mix 6 cups Pigeon mix with 6 cups Red wheat add 1 cup austrain peas and 1 cup Grit. (Mix Together).

I feed about 2 or 3 cups to 20 birds, ( 2 , 2 1/4 , 2 1/2 , 2 3/4 , 3 ) I use there fly time as an indicator.

I still allow there fly time as to know how much to feed,

I like my birds to fly about 30 to 40 min,

If you fly to long and to high they my attract unwanted guests.

Birds should also trap immediately upon landing on kit box, or they my attract unwanted guests.
Consider these things when feeding your kit birds.

Tips from a rookie : - )
Reply TJ Cook
2:04 PM on November 2, 2013 
Mr. Let M Rip himself I had a few questions for you. When will you guys be flying next? I need to come pick your brains on these Hill birds and I figure no better place than with you all. Let me know when it is and I will see if i can swing up there for the day. until then Let M Rip
Reply Jason Croxford
1:37 PM on September 26, 2013 
Sold! :)
Reply Paul Ricks
12:34 AM on July 9, 2013 
Things are going well! When you ordered your 4-layer breeding units from Foy's, how long did it take for them to arrive?
Reply normsgrandson
3:04 PM on July 6, 2013 
I'm interested in getting a t-shirt and have been told to contact you. Thanks
Reply Eric M. Allred
11:33 PM on May 2, 2013 
Sorry for the late response. I have been busy (like everyone else). This is the best time of the year, got breeders together and can't wait to see the results. How have you been? How are your birds doing this year? How did that little Drecksel brown bar end up doing?
Reply Jason Croxford
1:27 AM on April 24, 2013 
Nick, Hank says he misses you! You need to come visit more often! Lol
Reply Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno
10:12 PM on December 3, 2012 

Cody Taylor - 11 birds time flown 20 minutes
ones-28 .two-2 raw 32 q 1.2 d 1.1 total 42.24

Gavin Anderson - 11 birds. time flown 19:37
ones -29 .two -5 . raw 39 q 1.3 d 1.2 total 60.84

Kyle McArthur #1 - 11 birds. time flown 20 minutes
ones -98 . two- 41. three -2 raw 186 q 1.3 d 1.3 total 314.34

Kyle McArthur #2 11 birds. time flown 20 minutes
ones -12 raw 12. q 1.0 d 1.0 total 12

Ken Defa #1 20 birds dq birds landed at 3:15

Ken Defa #2 11 birds . time flown 20 minutes
ones- 6 raw 6 q 1.0 d 1.0 total 6.
Reply Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno
8:48 PM on November 24, 2012 

I TREAT ALL MY PIGEONS WITH AN ALL IN ONE MEDICATION TWO MONTHS prior to every breeding season, I also treat for paratyphoid, I give my birds probiotics after medicating, I also give my pigeons vitamin water throughout the winter months , anytime I get a new pigeon, I isolate the pigeon and medicate the pigeon ,

I have not had a problem with sickness in 6 years,

I have never vaccinated for PMV in the past, I vaccinated all my pigeons today (Thanksgiving Day 2012) for PMV, I will vaccinate all my rollers for PMV again, in 10 days,

I have cleaned all my lofts and kit boxes , I will clean and sterilize all lofts and kit boxes for ten days,

I am keeping all my rollers in caged units and re-vaccine in 10 days,

I have sent 1 of my sick rollers to the Utah State diagnostic laboratory, I will keep everyone posted as I receive results.

We live and learn , I would say if you are too purchase New pigeons, ask the seller if they have treated there pigeons with an all in one, vaccinated therre pigeons for paratyphoid and PMV, If they have not , do not purchase the birds, if you decide to impluse buy, dont hesitate vaccinate.

Make sure to treat your existing pigeons with an all in one, vaccinate for paratyphoid and PMV vaccinate,

Medicate and Vaccinate new pigeons before introducing any new birds to your loft, regardless if you have had a disease or the seller has had the disease, don't procrastinate vaccinate.

I cant wait to get rollin again. (LET M RIP).
Reply Nick *Let M Rip* Moreno
10:33 PM on September 27, 2012 
Reply Kyle McArthur
10:07 PM on September 27, 2012 
whats up little buddy . just got done doin chores in the dark and wishin it was july so i'd have a kit flying right now
Reply spinning demons
9:09 PM on September 21, 2012 
Awesome! I excited to read your words of wisdom.